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You want your investment to make a difference; so do we!

At 100 Fold Studio you are not just a donor, you are a partner. Partnership is defined as two people working together for a common goal; neither person is more important than the other. This work would not be possible without people like you investing to transform lives. Your financial gifts help provide services to growing faith-based organizations and help us design spaces that will double and triple their impact. Together we can transform lives. 

Monthly Gifts

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Mail Checks To: PO Box 1160
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Investment Impact

100 Fold Studio is a resource for other faith-based organizations around the world. When you give to 100 Fold, your investment is multiplied to transform many different lives. Since 2010, we have worked on 57 projects in 20 countries and trained over 120 intern architects through our program. These projects represent design work that will enable the construction of schools, Christian leadership training campuses, youth camps, and faith-based centers for people in the hardest to reach corners of the world. Together we can transform lives.

Financial Model

100 Fold is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are a faith-based educational and charitable organization. 100 Fold is primarily funded through the donations of individuals, businesses, and organizations that desire to partner with our work.  All 100 Fold staff salaries come from these donations. This helps 100 Fold provide design services for minimal fees and allows the organizations we serve to apply their funding toward those in need.

A copy of 100 Fold Studio’s IRS form 990 will be provided for public inspection upon request.

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“What if you were able to invest in every individual in every oversees worker training class and in every outreach of an entire organization for the next twenty or thirty years? That’s what 100 Fold is doing by restoring our campus buildings… it’s a great investment!”

Andrae Braun

Director, Oversees Worker Training Organization

Turner Valley, Canada

“I have been ‘taken’ by the impact 100 Fold has had upon the young people who intern there and the students who attend their summer program. For the past four years, I have had the privilege of teaching in the program and seeing their transformation in person. I have also seen some of the local projects 100 Fold has undertaken; and because of my connections with Jim Tebbe at Forman Christian College and Sasha Tsutserov at Moscow Evangelical Seminary, I’ve learned firsthand what 100 Fold has done for these organizations. I’ve also been to Cambodia to see the Training Center 100 Fold did for UofN there. I wept when we first pulled in, so overwhelmed was I by what I saw.”

Ken Elzinga

Professor of Economics UVA

Board Member and 100 Fold Partner

“It is amazing what 100 Fold can do with small fees. They multiplies fees for the benefit of those who would otherwise be unable to hire design expertise of such a high caliber.”

Rick Archer

CEO, Overland Partners