Case Study

Sustainable Farming Center, Haiti

Lighthouse LANDS Project is a nonprofit founded by Haitian-Americans. Their vision is to develop learning centers where women and their families can be empowered to solve the issue of hunger and poverty in their communities through sustainable agricultural solutions. 100 Fold’s role is to design an agricultural training center for the community of Jeremie. The center is protected to employ over 850 Haitians and provide fresh, health food to  50-70 thousand Haitians in the first 3-5 years. 100 Fold has made two visits to help select a site and assist Lighthouse LANDS’ ministry with procuring a land survey. 

Location: Jeremie, Haiti

Client: The Lighthouse LANDS Project and Anathoth Community Gardens

Impact: 850 Haitian Farmers

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Lakeside, MT 59922