Meet the Studio

John Ashworth

Creative Media Intern

John Ashworth

Position: Creative Media Intern

From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Education: Judson University (B.F.A. Graphic Design, minor in Architecture)

John is a sucker for deep conversations. Whether it’s about design, philosophy, adventure, or beliefs… just name the topic! With a dash of ADHD, the conversation could go pretty much anywhere. He has a passion for bringing stories to life through creative media!

He recently helped build a bike shop at his former university, and loves advocating for international flavor in community settings (yes, I’m talking to you, chicken curry). Let’s grab dinner sometime!

Josiah Brown

Architectural Intern

Josiah Brown

Position: Architectural Intern

From: Ashland City, Tennessee

Education: Auburn University (B. Arch); Washington University in St. Louis (M. Urban Design)

Josiah is a dreamer and a planner, so he believes for big things and works hard to try and make them happen. As an architect, he wants to help create a world that looks more like the Eden God intended.

Josiah’s dream job is to be a camp counselor for the rest of his life. If that doesn’t work out, he wants to be a photographer for National Geographic.

Alyssa Burleson


Alyssa Burleson

Position: Architect

From: George West, Texas

Education: Texas A&M University (B. Environmental Design); University of Kansas (M. Arch)

Registrations: Texas

Alyssa became an architect because she loves creating beautiful solutions to difficult problems. Because we spend a majority of time in buildings, Alyssa loves that, as an architect, she can totally change the quality of the client’s life simply by creating beautiful, functional spaces. She believes that all humans are worthy of beautiful design, no matter who they are.

Alyssa is happiest doing just about anything she can outside. She loves looking out her desk window at 100 Fold to see deer prancing through the woods. Her favorite past time is building dining room tables, mainly so she has a beautiful place to share a tasty meal she cooks with family or friends.

John Douglas Burleson

Architect, AIA

John Douglas Burleson

Position: Architect, AIA

From: Auburn, Alabama

Education: Auburn University (B. Arch)

Registrations: Texas

Associations: American Institute of Architects (AIA)

John Douglas was lead to architecture as a way to do work that is both inspirational and purposeful. His desire is to use sincerity and an ethic for excellence to demonstrate that we can experience a transcendent God through physical creations.

John Douglas loves the peace of being remote in nature, has a soft spot for most things nerdy, and has been known to make himself laugh while talking to himself.

Tori Grosskopf

Studio Administrator

Tori Grosskopf

Position: Studio Administrator

From: Atlanta, Georgia

Education: Georgia Tech (B.S. Arch)

Tori has a passion to use design to bring restoration to a broken world. She is very perceptive and enjoys the challenge of finding the most effective and efficient way of meeting the needs of others.

An old soul, Tori spends her free time quilting, knitting, and baking cookies. Although allergic to most living things, Tori loves spending time outdoors trail-running and hiking.

John Hudson

President & Architect, AIA, LEED AP

John Hudson

Position: President & Architect, AIA, LEED AP

From: Birmingham, Alabama

Education: University of Virginia (M. Arch), University of Virginia (B.S. Arch)

Registrations: Alabama & Montana

Certifications: National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

Associations: American Institute of Architects & US Green Building Council

John is committed to demonstrating the love of Christ through architecture. His passion is to invest his fifteen years of professional experience in young architects. John’s vision is to equip 100 licensed architects to serve in global missions over the next 25 years.

John loves living in Montana, but still has barbecue sauce imported regularly from Alabama. He enjoys snowboarding, biking, and making his wife and daughters laugh.

Sam Hudson

Executive Director

Sam Hudson

Position: Executive Director

From: Birmingham, Alabama

Education: Samford University (B.A. Nursing)

Sam has served in missions around the world and co-founded 100 Fold Studio in 2010 with her husband, John Hudson. She is devoted to encouraging others to live out their calling in Christ.

Sam loves to alpine ski, explore the outdoors, and spend time with her husband and four daughters.

Bonnie Matthisen


Bonnie Matthisen

Position: Designer

From: London, Ontario (Canada)

Education: Fanshawe College (Adv. Diploma, Architectural Technology)

Bonnie loves being able to use her passion for design to serve ministries that further God’s Kingdom. She has a passion for building relationships and desires to disciple the next generation of godly leaders.

Because of her Canadian blood, Bonnie is willing to swim in any temperature water, regardless if there are icebergs floating in it or not. She loves living in Montana and taking part in all of the adventures the state offers.

Mia Mazariegos

Creative Media Intern

Mia Mazariegos

Position: Creative Media Intern

From: Houston, Texas

Education: Auburn University (B. Arch, B. Interior Arch)

Mia loves getting to use her creative talents to serve people in every aspect of life. She believes good design should be accessible to everyone and likes that she can further God’s Kingdom in this way.

Mia cares deeply about connecting with people, and usually does this over food. You can usually find her around the dinner table with friends, lying out in the grass soaking up the sun, or having a dance party (could be alone or with others).

Kim Minch

MTCC VISTA Development Member

Kim Minch

Position: MTCC VISTA Development Member

From: Nashua, New Hampshire

Education: Northeastern University (B.S. Arch + M. Arch)

Kim loves to create spaces, both physical and spiritual, in which people can feel known and loved by God and experience authentic community. She is passionate about mentoring others and pointing them to their true identity and value in Christ. She also finds joy in hospitality and welcoming others.

Kim enjoys baking cookies, writing music, reading by the lake, sunsets on Blacktail Mountain, and anything that sparkles.

Jonathan Funk

AmeriCorps Intern

Jonathan Funk

Position: AmeriCorps Intern

From: Nashville, Tennessee

Education: Auburn University (B. Arch)

Jonathan is passionate about using his gifts and talents to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. He loves how God expresses His creativity and brings hope to the hopeless through architecture. He values listening and mentoring others as they pursue all that God has prepared for them.

Jonathan has visited five continents and hopes to mark the other two off soon. He loves experiencing new cultures and is always down to try new food! An avid Auburn Tiger (War Eagle!), you can usually find him wearing some combination of orange and blue.

420 Blacktail Rd
Lakeside, MT 59922


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